5 easy ways to use stickers for your small business

If you're looking for a way to transform your business, stickers might be the answer. These little pieces of paper can do much more than decorate an object or make it look cute—they can even help boost your brand and grow your business. Here are six creative ways that stickers can be used as part of a marketing campaign or even just as a fun way to express your business:

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1. Stickers can help build your brand recognition.

  • Brand your business: Use stickers to generate awareness for your brand and logo and create a sense of belonging among customers.

  • Brand your product: Use stickers to bring attention to products' unique features, or use them as an opportunity to build excitement before the release of new products.

  • Brand your service: Stickers are an excellent way for businesses that offer cleaning or consulting services to attract potential clients by creating an emotional connection between themselves and their services through creative messaging on stickers.

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2. Stickers can make your packaging look better.

Whether you're selling a product or service, your packaging is essential to the experience. It's the first thing people see and feel before they even know what's inside.

There are all kinds of ways stickers can be used to help make your packaging look better from the outside. You could:

  • Use stickers as a way to provide additional information about your product. If you're selling something that people may not be familiar with, stickers can help them understand what it is and how it works! Use stickers to create more excitement around your brand. This can help increase sales, but it also allows customers to remember who they bought from and why they liked their purchase so much!
  • Use stickers as an accent on top of your logo or other graphics on your package. This is a great way to add more personality and increase brand recognition!

3. Stickers are a great way to use a QR code.

If you're unfamiliar with QR codes, they're a way to turn your phone into a barcode scanner.

When you scan the code, it lets you access information like a web address or phone number. Some people use them to send secret messages, but they're most often used as a way to link directly to an online store.

For example: If someone sees an ad for shoes in print and wants more information about them, they can scan the QR code printed on the advertisement with their smartphone and instantly access all the details they need!

As far as business goes, this is a fun way for customers who are interested in your products or services but aren't ready yet to make an immediate purchase—they can save their contact information so that when they do decide what items appeal most strongly enough for them want more info about how much it'll cost before making any purchases themselves. This way, there's no risk involved!

4. QR codes could potentially help you track important information about your customers.

QR codes can also be used to track information about your customers.

This is a great way to get more information about your clientele, like what they purchased, how much they spent, and where they live.

If you have the means for it, you could even use QR codes to create a loyalty program for returning customers so that you know who is buying from you again and again!

As long as smartphones are in the world (which seems like an eternity at this point), there will always be ways to use them creatively in your business.

There's no reason why people shouldn't have access to helpful information when they need it; after all, we're here for them!

5. Stickers are a great giveaway at trade shows.

Stickers are a great way to promote your business at trade shows and conferences.

They're colorful and eye-catching and can be used as business cards or promotional items when you're handing out promotional materials.

You'll want to make sure that the stickers you create are branded with your company logo or slogan so that they can serve as an advertisement for your brand.

You can also use stickers to promote a new product launch or event in the future; they're an easy way of getting people excited about what's coming down the pipeline!

Additionally, if you have a presence on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you could use stickers as badges for contests and giveaways (to encourage people to follow along). 

All-in-all, stickers are a great way to get your business noticed. They can help build brand recognition, reach new audiences, and make your packaging look better. They're also good options for using QR codes on your product or even giving them away as giveaways at trade shows. If you're interested in these ideas or have questions about them, please do not hesitate to contact us at orbit@stickershuttle.com

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