What do customers generally do with our product?

Well, for one, they're stickers. So they're likely going to stick them on their things... or give them to people to stick on their things. 

The whole idea behind stickers for businesses is to portray your brand's message without taking up any real estate—no need for big bulky signs or tall banners that blow over when the wind hits it.

But to answer what businesses do with stickers is nearly impossible because the possibilities are endless. 

You can use them for store hours, QR codes, handing them out to customers, charities, advertisements, etc.

Here is a shortlist of other ways a business or brand can utilize stickers:

  1. Address Labels
  2. Band Stickers
  3. Barcode Labels
  4. Product Labels (Beer, Sauce, Candles, etc.)
  5. Vehicle/Car Decals
  6. Bumper Stickers
  7. Business Card Stickers
  8. Business Hours Stickers
  9. Business Logo Stickers
  10. Political Campaign Stickers
  11. CD Labels
  12. Food/Nutritional Labels
  13. Oil Change Stickers
  14. Promotional Stickers
  15. Thank You Stickers

The goal is to get creative. Find ways to make your brand stand out. Give your customers more than what they expect. 

Sticker Shuttle can help. To get your customer sticker started, go here.

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