30-Day Small Business Challenge

Ready to level up your small business in just 30 days? This FREE challenge offers daily, actionable tasks that can make a real impactβ€”from negotiating with suppliers to talking with customers and maybe a little fun with stickers. Dive in and make each day count!

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Free Download β†’

⚠️ This is a printable PDF suited for standard 8.5x11 paper. It's is 100% FREE and if anyone is charging money for it, it's fake.

  • πŸ† Small Tasks, Big Wins

    Daily tasks in this challenge lead to real changes in your business. You'll do more than just learnβ€”you'll take action and see results, like better customer interactions and improved spending habits. This should be a piece-of-cake for you.

  • πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Some Will Stick, Some Won't.

    Not every task will become a habit, and that's okay. The real win is finding those key actions that do stick and make a lasting difference in your business. The goal here isn't perfection; it's progress that counts.